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Default got a nice bass in my grandparents pond

well i went out around 7 tonight for a little evning fishin. on my thrid cast i cought this nice bass on a black beadhead woolybugger. it put up a nice fight one of the most exciting i've had from a bass. at one pont it started to run and caused the reel to wack my thumb leaving a nice little bruse lol. afterwords i switched to some popers, got one stuck in the weeds then had another get stuck on a log in the water. then i decided well hell let's get some gills and ended up with a hiddious tailing loop i couldnt seen to fix so i just called it a night.

i would say it's about 10-12 inches and maby a pound or two looks like it got in a fight or somthing had a chunk missing from it tail section. Click the image to open in full size.

hum image isnt working here's the link
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