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Default Total new-b rigging questions

OK, I'll start by claiming almost total ignorance of the sport...
I fly fished a bit in my teens, my twenties, & then a bit more in my late thirties.. Probably not more than a total of 30ish fishing days really.
Now I'm 50 & wanting to get serious about it.
What little I know I was taught by my dad, a wonderful guy to fish with but not a highly schooled fly guy. Tippet was not a word I ever heard him use.
We used light leader (not tapered) on the end of the fly line & the fly was tied directly to the leader.
In my collection of gear aquired 10ish years ago when I wanted to get started again (but didn't), I have 7.5' leaders in several different sizes. Some are marked "tapered", some are not.
Now for the question... When using a tapered leader is a tippet still needed?

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