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Default Re: Trout in a near by lake.

Originally Posted by Ronmc1954 View Post
Thanks Oregon, I would be using a kayak to get around. If I understand your responce I should go "deep" for these trout.
Ron Mc
Ron... I think it depends on the time of year and the temperature of the water, but I think you need to get down to the cooler water in the summer for trout. Water near the stream that enters the lake may be cooler and the fish may be closer to the surface. I fish Klammath Lake sometimes which is a very large but shallow local lake in which cool water pops out of the lake in springs and that is where the fish are and you don't have to go down too deep around the springs. You just need to know where the springs are . I have caught a lot of fish trolling with leaded line and "pots and pans", flashers, at another local lake, Lost Creek Lake, with my kids, so no question in the lower elevation lakes trout run deep in the summer, but again the fishing is better wear the river enters the lake, in this case where the Rogue River enters Lost Creek.
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