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Default Re: Members Living in Alaska;

Did great filling the freezer (dipnetting. 115 fish including a 40# king my 16yr old daughter caught in under 3 hrs. That was 3 permit holders in the boat)a couple weeks ago. Had my 6yr old son flipping for reds in front of the house a couple of times with no success. Couple of nights ago we spent about an hour of quality time sitting in the boat tied to the bouy in front of the house soaking eggs for silvers. I had a few nibbles but no success.
Company from Montana just left Saturday (with 700# of saltwater fish they caught from their boat. An every year thing.) so hopefully life will slow down a bit & I can get out & chase grayling & trout a bit. May take the family up to Summit lake in the pass this Sunday afternoon just to get out of town. If so I'll take my new float tube & see if I can get anything interested. I've never fly fished still water before. Any fly suggestions???
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