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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

My friend is heading out to Yellowstone this month. With the recent bear attack he is planning on being prepared. He is taking both a 13oz can of bear spray in a holster and a 12 gauge shotgun. As mentioned, gun weight can be an issue, so he took a lightweight pump, installed an 18" slug barrel and also installed a synthetic stock and forearm, total weight is now 6-1/4 lbs. Hanging the whole thing behind his shooting shoulder with a "quick-shot" sling, he says he can get it into service in less than 2 seconds (of course I razzed him a bit that the 2 sec. time was NOT with a bear charging him!)

He is taking Brenneke Black Magic slugs - with that light of a gun they will probably kick like heck, but if there is a bear charging I doubt if he will notice any recoil!
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