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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

Originally Posted by racine View Post
I put about 20 rounds of that Buffalo Bore 305 gr. downrange yesterday with a timer. The target was out to 30 ft and from a leather thumbsnap holster draw DA to 3rd shot was 3 sec. 1st shot was 1.78sec, sec. 2.22 and 3rd right at 3. Temps were in the mid 90s and it was hard to hang on with sweaty palms but I'm trying to get that to about 2.5 or better for all 3 shots to a shoulder. Grouping averaged about 3". This loading is very accurate on single action. The load is manageable but takes some getting used to. Having a kydex holster would speed things quite quickly but turn around was 3-4 weeks from Bladetech. I could probably manage a 1.2 first shot with that. Again, my aim to to fish, fish and fish. These other steps are secondary...
Can't complain about that!
I used to shoot IPSC & those are nice times with that holster, ammo, & accuracy.
One thing to remember for mental preperation though, you won't be shooting at a shoulder(at least on the 1st shot), but at the brain or spine. Shoulder shots only happen on broadside animals & it's hard to convince park officials (Or State Troopers here in Alaska) that a broadside animal was a real life or death situation.
I didn't see you mention what gun you are shooting.
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