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Default Fly Line Differance

I fish mostly for LM Bass I will be using a St. Croix Ultra Lite Legend 7wt. 9'6" rod. I have a 9wt with Scientific Anglers Mystery Bass line and it made a big improvement in my casting and even shooting line, I think it was the beat $70 bucks I ever spent on fly gear. Now I'm at a cross road do I stay with the Mystery bass line on my 7wt or try the Shark Skin 7wt line every thing I read about it is good. The only negative thing I heard about it is the coating is hard on your fingers when stripping line. I would like to know if any of you have tried both of these lines and what is your opinion about them is. I use mostly dry fly's and streamers . I would just hate to spend $100 bucks and not like the line.
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