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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
Interesting . . . what would you recommend to stop a brown bear or grizzly (Wyoming, not Alaska)? Would a handgun work at all? I'm now thinking of my Desert Eagle with a .50AE cal. barrel fitted, the heaviest bullet available for that configuration being a 350-grain jacketed soft point (not the penetration round I'd choose for bear), instead of my current .44 mag with a 240-grain JSP? (BTW, since we'll only be day fishing in the Grand Tetons and not camping or taking long back-country hikes, pepper spray will still be my preferred recourse, but if all else fails . . .).

I do know guys up here in Alaska that have stopped good sized brownied with 454s, 44 mags, 45 colts (loaded heavy), & even 10mm autos.
Common denominator is hard, heavy for caliber bullets with wide flat noses driven at max safe velocity & placed somewhere in the CNS (brain, spine.)
454s, 460 Rowans(sp?), heavy 45 Colts, 44 mags, 480 Rugers, & any of the 50s or 460 S&W are all popular up here.
Handguns will work, it's just a matter of the right bullet in the right place.
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