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Default casting sinking lines

I think I'm okay at casting my wf dry line on my 6wt rod. I don't know if my technique is totally correct, but I can get some decent aim and distance. It could be better I suppose. But when it comes to casting my sinking line things don't work so well. I'm not sure I even need to cast it very well when lake fishing, so I guess that would be my first question! Generally speaking the line feels very heavy and quite often it can get tangled if I do more than 1 false cast. The 2nd problem is that my stripped line sinks relatively fast at my feet (or waist) so that I can't really shoot the line. Maybe I just don't have enough line speed to pull it from the water, or maybe I need to do more false casts.

Are these common problems, and are there any general tips or suggestions?

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