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Default Getting fish to the reel/drag

So there I was... the 3rd fly fishing trip I have ever been on. Myself and friend were fishing the South Platte River in Colorado in Cheesman Canyon. We spot a nice sized rainbow in a pool. Probably around 20 inches. I had a size 18 parachute adams on and casted over the fish about 10 times with no luck. Then on my next cast the huge fish rose up and took the fly, fish on! I made a solid hookset on the fish and was trying to get the fish to the reel when all of a sudden, snap, my tippet broke and the fish was gone. This was the first trout I have ever had on that was over 12 inches. Basically what I am asking is what is the best way to get the fish to the reel so that the drag can take over? I wanted to keep enough tension on the fish that it would not get off and apparently I had too much because the tippet snapped but when he went on a quick burst after being hooked it was very hard for me to properly regulate the line with just my hand. In conclusion, I guess what I am asking is what is the best way or best technique to get larger fish to the reel before they break your line? Also, does this sort of thing happen somewhat often or am I just terrible because a 5x tippet is only equivalent to about 4-5 pounds of strength and just seems so delicate to what I am used to. Plus, how heavy do you guys set your drag? It seems like you almost have to have it set at practically nothing to accommodate such light tippet material.
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