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Default Re: Getting fish to the reel/drag

Fishinfrenzy with a 5 or 6X tippet you are looking at a strike setting of about 1/2lb max. But with say 75ft of line out your drag is at about 1lb. The tippet should not break under a steady pull. Between the flex in your rod and breaking strength of the tippet you should be fine. A 20" Trout weights what a pound? Not sure never caught one yet. As stated previously you may have had a weak knot or damaged tippet. Did you look to see were the break was? That will give you some insight. I would think that with a small fish one would be able to control it by holding the fly line and gently pull it in. Or if you are fighting on the reel palming should be just fine.
If you want to pre set your drag, attach a say 1lb. weight to your line spool out say 50 to 75 foot of line and adjust your drag until you can just reel in the weight and you should be fine.
That is my nickles worth of advice. I am sure that the more experienced fly guys have a better idea.
Hey just remember you can't land them all.
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