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Default Nets: Is there a "best style" ? Like asking for an average size bolt.

As a newbie I need to get one, but all the shapes, sizes, lengths and construction has me frozen with indecision making. From inexpensive metal nets to those of beautiful woods and rubber nets. I know for my kayak I'll need a long handle. But for general use is there an "average" or "the best to use" net. I probably will not be catching large salmon, that I can say with a degree of confidence.

Some links to make your eyes glaze over.

Wachter Landing Nets - Handmade Landing Nets for Fly Fishing

Landing Net Styles

Fly Fishing Nets

Brodin Fly Fishing Nets for Trout & Steelhead

Fly Fishing Net / Brodin Catch & Release Ghost Rubber Net -- Orvis

Fly Fishing Landing Net / Orvis Classic Landing Net -- Orvis
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