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Default casting 4wt. 5.5 ft. rod

After reading one of the articles on casting light lines(3wt.) and the 7.5 ft. rod and the extraordinary distances obtained, or said to be able to obtain(15-25 feet) I was rather shocked, if I had a fly rod that would only cast that distance I would throw it away.
I took my trusty 5.5 ft. rod and it's 4 wt. line to the pond, used an elkhair caddis and managed to launch it about 70 feet.
After a few more practice shots I managed somewhere between 85 and 90 feet-putting a yarn fly on substantially reduced the distance.
Now hauling and double-hauling was much in evidence here, and its a hard thing to get that short rod to load, I even think that 7 wt. line works pretty well on this rod, just kind of another experiment, but back to the casting, I think you could probally squeeze a little more than 25 feet out of a 3 wt, just get used to the rod and the way it casts, practice, practice...
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