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Default Re: casting 4wt. 5.5 ft. rod

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
You threw a complete 4w flyline down to the backing with a 5 1/2' graphite rod?
You're a hell of a lot better caster than I am.
No actually I didn't throw it down to the backing because I needle-knotted an extra 45 feet of level fly-line to the level portion of the origal line
What it amounts to is I have a 127 foot fly line on my reel- no danger of throwing all of that line off the reel!
I don't exactly remember the occasion why I added the extra line, something says I had the same reel on another rod about 7 feet long (thanks to a car door it is now 6 and a half feet long,) I was casting over a hundred feet with that rod. I have several rod and reel combinations with extra fly-line added, thats just me...
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