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Default Re: casting a 5wt?


I got my 5wt. today, my friendly ups driver delivered it. I bought the Cabelas Genesis "starter" kit 5wt 4pc.(when I bought it, I thought I would only use it 2-3 times a year.) I put it all together at my office and tried it out at one of the local lakes. I found that I only needed to adjust my "power" slightly, It casts beutifully. I found it does rather well with a breeze to my back and I need to work on "punching" the wind with that lite line. I was getting 20-30 feet right away, its going to take some getting used to but I think with enough practice i should be getting 40-50 by the 15 of september. I did manage to hook several ciclids, bream and one decent sized bass that made a good short run before breaking the leader (5x tapered leader)

(I used to use my 7wt. for this sort of fishing) NOW I AM REALY REALY HOOKED ON THIS SPORT!!!!

As for the tarpon, we went out to our usual docks and couldnt even buy a bite. there were a few good sized fish holding on the lights but they all had "lock jaw".
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