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Default Re: San Gabriel River West Fork

Originally Posted by snowwolf View Post
how do the east and northern areas fish??
During these hot August days, both of those areas seem to have slightly cooler water. I presume that's because they are natural runoff, rather than dam releases. The slightly cooler water probably means the fish are under less stress than in the WF.

The NF is a much smaller water, and the fish reflect that. Also, the road follows it, so during the summer, it gets some of the heaviest crowds of swimmers, as well as their trash. I haven't gone beyond the gate, but I would expect a mile or two of walking would get away from the worst of the crowds.

The EF also has smaller fish, but larger than in the NF. Average is probably just 5", and 8" is one of the bigger fish in this section of river. Along the road, the crowds of swimmers can be insanely heavy. Once you reach the parking lot at the end of the road, the first mile or so of the river has been all dug up by the miners. There actually are fish in those sections, but it's like fishing a strip mine. Once you hike far enough back, the streambed is less likely to be disturbed by the goldpanners, and it's easier to enjoy the fishing.
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