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Default Re: Nets: Is there a "best style" ? Like asking for an average size bolt.

I have used many nets over the years, and I am currently using a Wolf Moon net (Oxbow model): Wolf Moon Nets

Before I bought my current net I tried a couple of the "clear" nets. The one sold by Cabelas is very heavy, much heavier than the Brodin nets.
I also tried the Brodin nets and did not care for them for 3 reasons, 1) the net is rather stiff, e.g. - the actual netting is somewhat rigid and less flexible than a regular rubber net, and MUCH less flexible than a knotless mesh net; 2) the Brodin nets are really expensive, and 3) the Brodin net is lighter than a regular rubber net, but is much heavier than any knotless mesh net.

Additionally, (this is where I disagree with Jim) the Brodin sales pitch that the fish do not see the net as much as a black net was not what I experienced - in fact, I saw no difference in fish reaction between the Brodin "clear" (actually opaque or translucent) net and a black mesh net. I guess I have to ask do we think the fish doesn't see opaque netting 3/16" in diameter, when this is the same fish we worry about seeing the difference between 5X or 6X tippet? Not to mention the wood frame of the net - regardless, if you get the fish's head up a bit as it comes to the net, they should not see much of the net until it is too late.

Just my opinion based on a couple of days trying a Brodin ghost net, I felt that the Brodin nets did not offer significant added value for a pretty significant added cost.
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