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Re: Fly Fishing Clubs

Originally Posted by tractman View Post
The upper Kings seems to be one of their favorite areas. Also the Edison, Ward Lakes and Portal Forebay. Several of them hae floats or small boats they use in the Sierras..

I live between Madera and Chowchilla off the 99 about 3 miles....
Portal Forebay is one of my favorite spots also. My wife and I have never been skunked there. Actually, I caught bigger fish there than I have at Edison. I just didn't have much luck on that lake. I had one monster bite that bent my pole almost in half, but I lost it. I caught one fingerling, and that was it. I also have a float that I've never tried, but I just got my waders and wading boots to complete the package. Maybe we can get together sometime and go fishing.
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