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Default Re: sharkskin Line- good/bad

Frank I bought the GPX sharkskin , SI quad tip in 7#, SI striper floating in 10#, and SI trout in 4# all brandnew for a 90 bucks! plus got a brandnew 50 dollar simms backsaver belt for 15.00, a pair of fleece fingerless simms gloves for 20.00, and a wool vest I'll use for hunting..

check this out they also had 6 Sage XI2's in 14# brandnew ( I could not find a thing wrong or any sign of use) for 275.00 each!!!!! remember the 14#'s have the forward grip and are perfect for small tuna -- if I wasn't there on vacation with my family I would of spent triple that.

they also had a bunch of brandnew Tibor backcountry reels (and the next size down reels) w/ extra spools for 1/3 of the regualr price!!!!!

LL Bean outlet store,,, you cannot just drive by anymore!!

as for my original question I went ahead and ordered the 10# Sharkskin floating with the magnum traper, the 10# sharkskin floating with the sinking clear tip, & the 350gr sharklskin streamer express,,,, I'm going to try my TCX 9# with this line and wanted to overline it to 10# which works for friends so I'll make a post back here on what I think overall of the lines just in case someone does a search in the future. friends said duct tape or electrical tape that they leave already around the fighting grip in the back works perfect for the fingers if they get into alot of fish.
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