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Default a tip for fly casting

I haven't seen the following tip mentioned. Or at least if I did, I forgot about it! Experienced people probably don't need to worry about it, but it's a good one for beginners imo. One important thing to do when starting with a new line/setup is to take note of where the belly and tapers are on the line, and use this information to help you know how much line needs to be out from your rod for you to cast and shoot. I was having problems with a SA Stillwater line and then I learned that I really need 40' out of the rod before I can really deliver or shoot. Once I figured this and practiced for a few minutes I was able to cast the line a lot better.

This also relates to how lines are spec'd for beginners/intermediates as opposed to intermediates/experts. From a discussion I had with SA, the Stillwater line is considered advanced because you need to fly 40' of line before you can shoot it. The "professional" series equivalent of this line is the Wet Cel clear. This is more for a beginner/intermediate and its belly is only about 30'. So it would be easier to cast, but it won't cast as far.
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