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Default Redington Rods

CUSTOMER NO SERVICE!!!!! I bought a Redington Crosswater fly rod to use salmon fishing on a long awaited fishing trip to Alaska. My Redington fly rod broke the second day I used it. On the 6th fish I hooked. As far as I'm concerned I paid good money for a worthless product. The real disappointment was when I tried to return it (2 weeks after I bought it) I was told I needed to pay an additional $30.00 to return it and exchange it for what I consider to be an identically worthless rod. Why would anyone want to stick $30.00 into another piece of junk? I asked if I could upgrade to perhaps a better quality rod and was told that I could if I first pay the $30.00 to send my broken rod back and then pay "FULL RETAIL PRICE" for any upgraded rod. What a lousy thing to do to a customer. I paid for their inferior product, got little if any use of the product, was still willing to spend more money on another product from this company and was given no consideration for my loyalty and inconvenience. Any company can experience a manufacturing flaw, but a good company overcomes these mishaps with good, quality customer service. I just plain an simple GOT SCREWED. I always say " you pay for an education". I'd like to pass on to everyone what I learned: Never ever-ever-ever buy from this company PERIOD!!! Some day I hope to be able to go back to Alaska fishing again. Needless to say, I DON'T plan on taking a Redington fishing pole with me if I do.
I'd be happy to share my experience with anyone interested. Just e-mail me at
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