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Default Re: advice for beginner

Originally Posted by mochacon View Post

well, I have been for so long trying to find a hobby and I tried a friends fly rod and thought it would be a great hobby!

I am looking to fish mainly fresh water trout and salmon maybe once in a while. Not sure if I need 2 different rods but I would like to have the one maily for trout but will handle salmon.

I know a few guys and they all have sage. I here its a good name. So I am a strong believer of you get what you pay for.

What is a good rod that I won't grow too fast out of and that will answer all my fishing needs? I have read a bit here and I am thinking a 9' 5wt 4 piece rod?? as for reels I have no clue.

Any takers on setting me up with some sage equipement? would like to be set up with no more then $500.00 if possible for now.

Thank you for your help
Mochacon... Welcome to the sport of fly fishing. You will really need two rods a 4-6wt for trout and an 8wt or so for salmon. So I would start with a trout rod. If you really get into fly fishing Sage makes great rods and Ross/Lampson make great reels, but this does not fit your budget. If I was just starting, I would consider a TFO rod and an Orvis Mid Arbor reel. I see others recommending Echo rods and Okuma reels. You will still need waders, boots, a vest, flies, nippers, plyers, polaroid glasses and other stuff so your $500 will go quickly!
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