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Default Re: Newbie Question about casting in tight spots

Good advice from OregonStreams. Some other things to consider are rod length, leader length, and stealth. Unorthodox casting techniques are the rule rather than the exception on several of the creeks that I fish. In the past, I have gone as far as fishing "half" of a two-piece rod to be able to fish where low overhead canopies and brushy banks existed. I now use a 6'-6" three weight for my small streams (and I mean small) that are "choked" with brush, and I normally use a 7-1/2' leader. Sometimes fishing from the knees is required, more for the stealth aspect than the casting, although both sometimes apply. Don't worry as much about casting distance in "choked" small stream fishing situations. Concentrate on accuracy and stealth. And as OregonStreams said, become proficient at sidearm casting.
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