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Default Need some advice

Alright first off this is my first post so hello! I'm not new to fly fishing but haven't done all that much. I have caught some small trout, bass, perch etc... but nothing I would brag about. I decided recently I wanted to really get into it. Up until now it has been a casual throw on a popper or a woolly bugger and just mess round for the day at camp etc... I recently moved to Vermont and live right on lake Champlain now and am also close to some really good trout streams/rivers so I want to fly fish A LOT more. I have been mostly using a 4wt for fishing small trout and small bass but a friend of mine just gave me a 9' 8wt. I want to put it to use but what can I use it for? I was thinking maybe large lake trout, pike, etc... on lake Champlain. an 8wt is way to large for stream/river trout correct? I guess I'm just looking for some advice on what to use my two different weight rods for. I live pretty close to the famous battenkill river also and I'm not sure if my 4wt is to small for those trout or not. The 4wt I have is only 7' I picked it up a while back because I used to fish in really brushy areas and it was hard to cast a 9'. I mainly only fish top water because I suck at wet flies but I've been practising so I know it will come eventually. Should I get some sinking tip line for the 8wt or what? Any and all advice welcome, thanks!!

Sorry for the long post
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