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Default Re: advice for beginner

There is a good book about the basics of fly fishing. It is called "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing". Please do not be offened by the title as the book has good information for the beginning person.
In time and with experience you will learn that fly fishing is very scientific. The strategies on how to go after fish, how to fish certain streams or lakes, what flys should I use, learning and using different cast, what equipment should I use in this situation, are just a few choices that need some anayltical thought. Sage makes very good equipment but you may like other choices moreso. It is always good to take lessons, visit with a club, or hire a quide for a days fishing. As OregonStreams said, there will be a variety of equipment choices and purchases to to made. The art fly fishing requires also learning some of the science of fly fishing. I have found that learning this science is a very enjoying and never ending process. Have much fun and good luck.
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