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Re: advice for beginner

WOW! You haven't just found a hobby, you have found what will become an obsession should you stick to it. In the realm of fly rods, reels and sundries and depending on prices will bring you to your senses. If the "craziness" continues then you are in for a treat. Begin by reading about rods, reels and the atatchments. Become familiar with what you will be using. Money and a wife and family ar factors to consider also. So you are ready to begin one of the finest sports in the world and one that will give you much pleasure, frustration and loss of temper. There's a plethora of books as well as CD's that you can read and watch. Go to your local fly shop or fly fih sites and have them suggest them. Practice, practice and mor practice casting and tying knots. Check locally what hatches are in the air. It's a whole new world you're getting into. The books that I found useful: Presenting The Fly by L. Kreh any of the Orvis books and the L.L.Bean books. The CD's by Joan Wulff and Mel Kreiger on casting. Then get your own den and build a bookcase, a tying desk a storage area for rods and other equipment. Also if you are married, a good divorce lawyer. Seriously your wife or significant other may become intereste as well as the kids, if any. You have opened Pandora's box. Enjoy, stick with it it's great. Frank
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