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Default Bonefish line suggestion for xi2

Hi folks...lurker turned poster here. Great site, tons of good info...used search but it gave me way too much to think about!

Anyway, after a 20 year hiatus from SW fly fishing...still doing the trout thing...I decided to go to the Bahamas with some new friends. I picked up a well priced Xi2 and am trying to find a good line or two. I'm a pretty decent caster and used to fast action rods. I may pick up a 9wt Colton closeout as a back up or alternate as well.

I would appreciate any help you guys might be willing to offer...a lot has changed since I was tying Charlies!

Thanks, Kevin

Sorry for offending the forum gods...realized that there was a dedicated line forum...maybe the moderator will move it. Can I move it myself?

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