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Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

Originally Posted by michaeln View Post
My problem is cost of materials. I want a particular fly, say in three sizes. It might cost me $30-50 in materials if I don't have any of them. Sure, I can tie maybe 60-75 flies from those materials, but all I think I need is 2 or 3 #12s, #14s or $16s.

At a couple bucks each, I can buy them already tied for six bucks, and they're tied better than I could tie them until I had tied several dozen.

Most of the time, tying doesn't make sense for me.
My problem is the exact opposite of this. I had a full room full of tying material, yet I could buy a fly at $.40 - $.53. After moving from my last apt, in my spare room, I had about 100 hooks in the carpet and 100 flies. I probably have close to $1000 worth of materials (retail), but dont have the place or time to tie, plus the mess of it all. You can buy flies for 42 cents - 53 cents. Why mess with the hassle? I now have $1000 worth of materials, how much do you think I will get for it?
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