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Default Confessions of an ignorant, torn, happy and possibly unworthy noob.

3 weights are for sissies and tiny trout that aren't worth catching.

That about summed up my initial impression - only a few short weeks ago - as I was trying to comprehend fly fishing, an entirely new thing for me. Why would I get a lower number, when more and bigger is always better here in the great US of A? Ignorant? Absolutely.

Flash forward :: Last week my son Xavier and I fished a few Adirondack streams with borrowed ultralight gear - 3 wt fiberglass rods - for brookies. Wow, it was fun, making my 6 weight feel like rebar and making my initial understandings seem neanderthalesque. It was so much fun in fact that I embarked upon a mission. Orvis nailed me with their recent Superfine offer. How could I resist when they were going for $120 off? I drove over to their flagship store yesterday and picked up a 7'6" 3 weight (Full 2.5 flex) and a CFO reel.

Happy? Absolutely.
Unworthy? Well, probably... but give me time.

Cheers, all!

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