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Default Re: Straight mono on a large arbor fly reel

I guess I should have added some detail. I DO fly-fish for brown and brook trout in northern Michigan (I started when I was 7, I'm 40 now). The reason we fish spawn for steelhead has more to do with the river we fish, much more suited to underhanding a spawn bag or yarn fly. Also, the rods we use are fly rods that have a spinning rod guides. For years we used the old Martin 72 multiplier (my father still does). About 10 years ago, he bought me one of the STH cassette fly reels. It's a great reel, but I was thinking of trying one of the Allen reels (the XL) which has a large arbor. I was just wondering if the physics of the reel (drag, etc) still work correctly with a spool of mono vs. fly line. I'm guessing if I load up 30 lbs test (close to the diameter of fly-line) so it takes up as much room on the reel as fly line would, it should be o.k.

I ordered one of the Allen 3/4 Alpha reels today and if it is as great as people say they are, I might go for a larger XL series for steelhead to replace the aging STH.

Thanks for all the input!
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