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Default Re: Beaver Creek and Town Creek Md.

I was up in Frederick for a meeting yesterday (Sept. 2, 2010) and decided to make the short 20 min. trek to Beaver Creek's C&R section. Weather was HOT but on the water it was suprisingly pleasant due to cool water temps and the heavy canopy. Started fishing downstream of the bridge at Beaver Creek Church Rd. until I realized I was muddying up the water too much at which point I switched it up and started working my way upstream. Started fishing a caddis when I saw some falling to the surface. No luck there. Figured maybe the fish were hanging in the deep pools due to the hot temps so I switched over to a prince nymph which got the attention of the numerous minnows I saw dancing around but no trout. Kept working my way upstream to some of the other riffles/pools and managed to startle a BIG FELLA problably in the neighborhood of 20". It was encouraging to see this no doubt. Saw a bunch of other decent size fish (12" or so) hanging in the current and occasionally flashing (Polarized lenses are a must). Switched over to an olive wooly bugger hoping that might get their attention but no dice. Unfortunately my trip was cut when my wife called telling me our 3 year old lab got into the advil. Little guy is doing ok thank god but needless to say that lunker that I saw has given me reason to return. I probably will wait till they stock it though because conditions there are challenging in that it is a small river with not much current save for the few riffles and trout have plenty of time to decide whether or not to take your fly. Casting can be tough due to the size so a 4 WT or less is recommended.
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