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Default Re: Intro and pontoon question

Thanks for the replies.
Frank: Both drift and jet boats are used in the section I usually fish. But there is some fishing down river to the west that I would like to be able to access that is pretty shallow. As for the drift boat, in my opinion, it is less versatile than the pontoon. I wouldn't want to be out on a large reservoir or lake when the wind picked up in a drift boat.
I wonder how far the prop would protrude into the water mounted on the back of the pontoon.

Cliff: I have enjoyed using the rod very much, and though I am just begining, I feel the rod and reel compliment each other nicely. The flystart reel by ross is deffinately their econ-line reel but works very well for everything I have done with it. The rod and reel came in a package recomended to me by guide at an outfitter in Helena, Mt. I told him the kind of fishing I would be doing mainly and went with that. I do see myself wanting a lighter wieght in the future.

thanks for the replies. I have some more research to do.

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