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Default Re: Cabelas Lsr Reel


I was thinking of buying one awhile back and I looked on several forums but I don't really remember which ones. However, if you go to cabelas official website, click on that reel, and read the user reviews you will see many good comments and also several very negative ones. The reason I payed attention to the negative comments was that most of them touched on the same issue - the drag "binding up." For example,

"What a drag!, December 9, 2006
By TheSwinger from Lowell, OR

"I recieved the LSR 3 reel and was initially impressed. The drag knob felt a little loose but otherwise it seemed like a nice reel. However, on the first outing the reel got slightly wet and the drag started making an awful screeching sound. There was also added resistance. This is the second Cabelas reel that I have been dissapointed with. I upgraded to a Ross Cimmaron. I already own one for a 5wt. rod and have had no problems at all. I will say that the customer service at Cabelas deserves a 5 out of 5 as they have been very accommodating. I will continue to purchase from them in the future."

Just not that good, November 5, 2006
By Flyman from Hawaii

"This fly reel seemed good for the price. Had to return reel twice for the same problem, poor drag. the drag was not smooth and would bind alot. Only used each reel once or twice, didn't even hook-up, good thing, and the drag started to bind.

Returned the reel for credit.

Model purchased was LSR Flyreel #4"

tippa82, October 27, 2006
By tippa82 from Waymart , PA

"I purchased a LSR reel for salmon/steelhead fishing. The drag system did not work. It would hold then all of a sudden would just let loose and the fish was peeling off line. Totally disappointed in this product!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LSR Reel, June 25, 2007
By Jetpilot

"Reel looks nice, but it has a strange sound when stripping out line to cast. Almost a grinding noise. I'm hesitant to use it on
large or strong running fish. Caught several very large German Browns during Hex. hatch and it worked fine, but the noise when fish made a run was disconcerting."

Drag Problems, July 15, 2007
By BillfromOhio from Ohio

"Have used this for three years, and as others have noticed, the drag binds up severely when it gets wet. Not good when steelhead fishing! Drying it out helps, but still......."

After reading those comments, I was discouraged. It may be worth a shot for $65 though, if that is the price. There were far more positive comments than negative ones and it looks like Cabelas accepted the bad ones back. Either a percentage of these reels are bad, or some people just don't get them wet. There is also the possibility that Cabelas competitors got on their site and posted negative reviews - you always have to consider that possibility.

On a positive note, I just received my 6'6", 2-weight Cabelas "Traditional" rod and RIO DT 2-Weight line yesterday and took it out on the creek next to my office for casting and it was fantastic. It hits the water so incredibly soft! The bonus is that I got it on sale for $49 and the line for $38. I put the line on an old lightweight click and pawl and I'm all-in for $87.

This was one scenario where the user comments were dead on. The overall look of this rod is very nice, especially the Evergreen threading on the blank, the reel seat, silver hardware and cork handle. All the Traditional rods are on sale now, and the user reviews (there are about 20) are very positive.
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