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Default Re: 1st ever hares ear!

Hey Mcfly....Mcfly..Great first try!You will catch fish on it.When I was first learning,I went to the fly shop and bought a dozen flies that I wanted to learn to tie.I sat at the vise and copied them untill they looked simular.Then tied a dozen or 2 of each one.Once you have them down,you could start down sizeing them.Other great fly's to learn to tie IMHO are-
Wooly Bugger's-very effective and simple to tie.(many different variations)
Gold ribbed hare's ears-again very easy flies,looks like you are on your way to tieing it properly already.
San Juan worms-can be deadly,check at a fly shop near you to see if they are used in your area.
a couple other's are,Prince nymph's, Zug bug's and Scuds.
When you get the basic's down and want to try your hand at a dry,have a go at a mosquito-very simple.
For streamers,try a couple Micky Fins.-I have yet to fish anywhere where a MF wouldnt take a fish or 2.
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