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Default Re: 1st ever hares ear!

Hi George,

I'll chime in, but won't beat you up! I'm sure almost every one of us had our first flies lookin like the south end of a north bound cow. I can't count the number of mine that went straight from the vise to the trash can. I would suggest a pretty decent book, though. It's called "Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple" by Skip Morris. I paid 20 bucks for mine, but you may be able to find it a little cheaper on ebay. You'll be pretty surprised that your local shop is pretty doggone close on prices (at least they are here) to what you'll find online, once you figure in the wait, etc. There's always those "aw shucks" times when you need something right now, and your local shop is the 'em when you can! There's also some pretty decent patterns/instructions on

Believe it or not, I've never tried to tie a hare's ear and I'm not particularly fond of pheasant tails, either. Call me crazy, I guess since they're supposed to be easy. Lately, I'm into tying the smaller midge patterns (size 22-26). I've got a set of midge jaws on order and I'll tackle some 28-30s when they get here. I also like tying small (sz 22-24) parachute dries like the BWO and Adams. Guess it must be the challenge.

Hang on to that sewing thread. There's probably times you'll use it....several midge patterns call for "Coates and Clark". You'd be surprised! Your flies will get better as you go along.

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