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Default Re: Carp: the addiction continues

got them in my album dont know how to bring them here

Okuma: Open your album photo to full size and then scroll down the page, you will see a title called "BB Code" with some text in the box below it that looks something like this "Click the image to open in full size.", just click inside the box and it will highlight all of the text, then do a CNTL-C, that will copy the text to your clipboard., then above the area where you reply to a post is a yellow rectangular icon with what looks like a mountain and sun, if you hover your mouse over that it will say "insert image", click on that icon and a new window appears, then do a CNTL-V to paste the text you previously copied into the new window. Then press OK to close the window. Then to make sure everything is working correctly, click on the preview post button at the bottom and it should show the image you just posted, if satisfied, press the submit reply button.


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