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Default Re: No wrist = fly hitting rod tip... ???

Thanks Frank and Jim for taking the time to help out!

Perhaps I should have included some detail.

I've been fly fishing for a long time but have some bad habits. I've been able to get away with my sloppiness on small mountain streams and rivers on 4wt & 5wt setups, but casting my new 8wt has made my bad habits really obvious. There's nothing like smacking a size 4/0, 5 inch fly on the water behind you to compel you to figure this shizzle out now!

I watched the Tim Landwher video about a month ago. He insists NO WRIST. Great! I was hoping "that's it! That's all I need to do". (Of course, I did see that he himself uses wrist in the same video .)

But it is in trying what he suggests - NO wrist at all - that I end up with a fly in my rod tip. Every time. And this is where this thread began :-).

I'll heed the advice given here and keep experimenting on my own whenever I find myself on the water - which is fortunately at least a bit almost every day lately.

Thanks again fellas!
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