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Default Re: No wrist = fly hitting rod tip... ???

On my forward cast I break my wrist halfway, as if I'm hammering a nail. The fact that your fly is hitting your fly rod tip means you're probably lowering the rod tip during your forward cast and, therefore, pulling your fly down.

There are many causes for this, depending on what casting style you use.

I cast with my right foot slightly behind my left, not like Lefty Kreh. (I'm right-handed.) Basically my elbow is down, which allows me to change casting trajectories. Here are some casting defects that cause me to lower the rod tip:

1. Pulling your elbow back. (Your elbow should move back because of your rearward body rotation. To me, making a back cast is more of a lifting or a flexing up motion than a pulling back.) 2. Beginning your forward cast with your elbow behind your rod hand, and therefore being unable to lead with your elbow during your loading move. 3. Breaking your wrist more than halfway during your forward-cast power snap. (To prevent this, try to pretend you’re hammering a nail.) 4. Lowering, instead of just rotating, your shoulders. 5. Stopping the rod too late. (This sometimes happens because of starting your weight shift before your casting stroke, or because of quickly accelerating your back cast, but not abruptly stopping the rod with a short, upward motion.) 6. Beginning your cast with your rod hand too low for your intended trajectory. (For example: if you want to execute a cast parallel to the surface, you must finish your back and forward casts with your rod hand at the same level.) 7. Casting with your elbow too far out from your body. 8. Having your right foot too far back or pointing too far outward.

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