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Default Re: Upper Rogue River Holy water?

First a bit of an apology, I just didn't see the posted thread, had I, would have responded. Thanks for the PM, but lets get down to business.

Oregon's Fish and Game puts out the following report a couple of times per month and it's generally pretty accurate .. save for dated info. The following link should be our area:
Recreation Report: Southwest Zone: Fishing - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The 'Myth' of the Holy Waters having a lot of very large fish is just that ... a myth. There are a few as this is where the Hatchery Guys 'dump' the older trout that they use for spawning purposes. In the main, a 12" trout would be 'a catch.'

As far as good fishing goes it's all water output from the dam that counts as this is exactly where the water goes: 1800 472 2434 will give you the needed info. As the out flows go up, the places you can successfully fish (from) go down. Best is 1500 cfs, or less. Those flows give you lots of access beyond getting your boots wet (ya, much of it - north side in particular - is pretty deep stuff. You will not be wading, you'll be fishing off the rock wall.

From the Hatchery side (above the diversionary dam, think that's what you'd call same) there's far better access for waders. To break the water down into three sections there's the upper part just below the dam (my favorite place to fish) with an island about 1/3'rd the way across, the middle part that allows for wading quite far out ... and cast as far out as you can!!. And the lower 1/3'rd. This is tough to fish unless the dam flow is quite low.

Here is where you can have a total ball. Wade out from the Parking lot (a park, you can't miss same) and fish on down stream. Again a looooong cast is best as these fish are spooky during the day, but will take either a sunk or dry fly. And it can be a total hoot if they're 'cooperative.'

A few other thoughts: First this is a C & R bit of water AND BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY. If you've low water (and warm weather conditions) some of us 'nut cases' will hit the upper section and swim** (yes, swim) across to the island and fish the far side. This is where the Puppies tend to hang out in numbers.

As for stocking this bit of water, it gets very little if anything. BUT the lake above and the three stems of the Rogue that flow into same are heavily stocked with legal sized fish (up to 50K per year). For a good over view of these waters 'hunt down' the current issue of SalmonTroutSteelhead as this section of the river is a feature article and pretty much dead on.

The other thing you'll want (as your new to the area) is get the Streamborn map of the Rogue. Covers the river from Crater Lake all the way down to Gold Beach. Best part? The thing is DEAD ON, right down to the 1/10th of a mile (and what you'll find when you get there). Having same will save you a lot of screwing around.

For all these waters a 3-5 wt rod is all you'll need ... and flies from (a max) of a #10 down to 18's. Bigger will just get you casting practice .. unless you hit the main stem of the river below and want to chase Steelhead.

Anyway, hope some/all of the above is/was a bit helpful.


** Don't know if floating devises are allowed, but I've never seen one. fae

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Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
Sorry. I have not fished this area, but forum member, Fredaevans, should be able to tell you more about this since he lives in the region.

If I recall correctly, there are campgrounds/RV parks downstream at Shady Cove.

To expand on the above. The RV parks (full service) are right on the main road in Shady Cove. Tent/small RV 'dry' camping would be at Rogue-Elk Park. (Darned good water for steelhead at the very top and at the bottom where Elk \Creek flows in.) during their 'open season.' The only two full service RV parks are just before you cross the river into the main business section (left side of Hwy 62) and just after you cross the bridge (on your right). Of the two, the second one is your best bet for 'reservations' as it's far larger. Both of these two have very good fishing water right in front of same.

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