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Default Been 10 years

Its been out ten years and yet everywhere I go people ask me what it is and where I got it.

I have let hundreds of people take it for a ride, some have bought one and love them.

It makes me wonder why they haven't caught on in more parts of the country. Are they just not advertised enough?

Have you seen one while out fishing?

I think that there are more in Alaska than any other state.

Sometimes I think that I should have taken the name off the boat cause now people are in the same fishing hole that where empty a few years back.

You can see it at, I love mine it is 5 years old and still running strong.

Best thing about them is it will go over the rotten ice in the spring...first one out to fish the open waters. And will break ice about 3 inches thick to catch the last of the fall fish.. ice is coming soon.

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