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Smile Re: Trout fishing around Decorah

I grew up fishing the streams of NE Iowa back in the 50s and 60s, fishing worms with my dad. After living in New Mexico for many years I moved out east and have gotten reacquainted with the Iowa streams this century. What an amazing progression from put & take stocked streams to many with self-sustaining populations of wild trout. The streams are nothing like those I fished as a kid. Yes, you do have to compete with the cattle here and there (be watchful for warnings about bulls) but the fishing is definitely worth it. Earlier this year I traveled to Iowa to visit my mother and took a side trip to Decorah and fished Waterloo Creek. I just picked a spot and fished a 1/4 mile stretch all afternoon - what an amazing day of fishing to wild browns, some as large as 16" (and I am sure there are larger ones). It is no secret since it was published in a major fly fishing magazine, as was French Creek (Eastern Fly Fishing). I would not even think of hiring a guide because you can fish almost anywhere on these streams successfully. If you were really pressed for time and there was someone locally who could take you right to a hot spot, it might be worth it. However, I have hired guides all over the world and know that in many places you really must have a guide, but not in Iowa. Try to find the Iowa DNR trout fishing guide which will give you excellent detail into just how to find all the streams. Then get adventurous and have a blast. There are only a few C&R streams at this point but what outstanding fisheries they are. Most of the fishing is done by locals so there is almost no significant competition. If I had my choice I would not go on a weekend, but there is plenty of territory for those interested in this lovely area.
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