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Default Re: Sportfishing Industry Asks EPA to Dismiss Petition to Ban Lead in Tackle

Originally Posted by fysh' View Post
Personally I have no problem using Tungsten or other substitutes (when I need weight) and think getting away from lead in the long run is a good idea. I also think steel shot when hunting should be mandatory everywhere, not just on Federal Property.

Just my .02 worth.
Steel or other non-lead shots are a requirement throughout the U.S. for hunting waterfowl, not just on federal land. Here in CA, its also a requirement for hunting anything in the "Condor Zone".

I dont mind going to the use of non-lead weights. It might cost a little more but the rise in price wont be much. My biggest problem with it is that I havent seen anything that convinces me the enviro's are right. With waterfowl refuges, it was pretty well proven that the lead shot was causing harm to the bird populations. A lot of ducks are dabblers (tip upside down to feed off the bottom), hence they would pick up lead pellets when they would feed. The difference being the amount of lead in a heavily hunted waterway versus a heavily fished water way. Fisherman would leave lead weights numbering maybe in the hundreds over a year. Hunters on the other hand would leave lead shot numbering in the millions.
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