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Default Re: It's Another Opin 10 wt TCR Yes it's pricey BUT

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi Bonefish,

The Sage TCR is a heck of a rod
Ahh TCR lover! The TCr doesn't seems to me be the mysterious 700+ dollar demanding robd sage makes it out to be. Honestly is only a slight step up from the XP or Z axis from what I can tell.

I will say that it is very temperamental demping on line (at least at the lower wieghts).

I have a 4 wt TCR that I HATED until I tried some heavier wieghted line on it.
There is a a study from Berkely that actually when through a "tuning" session with rods that I have found pretty dang accurate and usefull when matching frequencies of rods with line. As it turns out in my case the rod was tuned right, but the lines varied a lot. In the rio wtf series it was good, in a cortand 5wt is was unbelievable!
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