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I have built a few Gatti's, and had to warrenty one. Sadro Gatti(Owner) was pretty good about it.
These are the lightest rods I have ever used (4 and 5 wts). Gattis has a couple of lines of interest ( the progressive blank and the tip actions). I have fished them both. The Tip actions are wonderful with dry flies, but are a little sluggish if you use big nymphs (12 and above) in the weights I have used. Don't get folled into thinking they are not strong because of their weight. I have put mine through some pretty demanding bends and they have always come out good. The warrenty and people are as good as I have every worked with. They take some time sending replacements, but have never given me any hassle.
If you want more info, contact me. I am not a distributor or anything, I have jsut had some good and bad experiences with GATTI
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