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Default South Western/South Central Pennsylvania Fly Fishing


I'm fairly new to this board and was wondering about northern W.Va./Southern Pa. fly fishing. I will be visiting family in northern W.Va. the week of Thanksgiving this year, and, if the weather cooperates just a little, I'd like to get in a day's fishing early in the week (Monday or Tuesday). Are there any accessible Pa. trout streams within a 2-3 hour drive of northern W.Va.? Any fly shops you'd recommend I contact?

Thanks, in advance, for any info.

"...let me introduce an idea-just something to kick around: Maybe your stature as a fly fisherman isn't determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed, and, of course, without losing the faith that there's a bigger one in there. " -John Gierach, from Fly Fishing Small Streams by Stackpole Books.
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