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Default fishing techniques on streams

One scenario I find myself with quite often when fishing streams is having several different speeds of water in the one area that I fishing. A perfect example would be:
me standing on one side in shallower, slower water
a tongue of faster water down the middle
slower water behind some rocks or trees on the other side of the faster water, trout will be hanging out over by the tress for protection. I don't know of any ways to consistently get a drag-free presentation to the trout. The fly will drag within a few seconds. Usually I try my luck at drifting the fly down the tongue which I may get drag free depending on how wide the tongue is. If the fast water is narrow, there are maybe two choices. Have some line in the slower water to, mend as much as possible for longer drag-free. Secondly, use only a short bit of line and hold the rod over the fly as it drifts, kind of like czech nymphing.

The above scenarios seem to happen all the time. I'd like to hear what other people think about these situations, they must be extremely common. I think it would be really fun/educational to actually go out fishing with an "expert" and see how they do it.
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