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Default Re: fishing techniques on streams

Some good ideas there.
Quite often I can't wade across the stream, but if I could I guess I would try casting almost directly upstream and do some fast stripping in case of a strike.

Here is a video of a stream I was fishing in August: Findlay Creek on Vimeo
how would you guys approach it? The water was too pushy to wade very far out. There were fish behind the boulders. We ended up floating nymphs down to the boulders along the eddy line (if I remember correctly). In other areas I was nymphing down through the fast water (no eddy lines) using a strike indicator. I didn't do that here, I figure the trout wouldn't be just hanging out in the fast water. There is a post about this day fishing on my blog: East Kootenay Creek Fishing at

Frank, as for my casting it's going okay. I managed to cast reasonably okay with my SA Stillwater slow sink. It really helped once I understood that I needed to get 40' of the belly out of the rod before shooting line. My biggest problem after that was a bit of technique issue. The line would shoot okay but the leader would sort of flop down instead of turning over and extending out another 9'. Oh, using a stripping basket helped tons too. I did some casting on a field with this 8wt line on my TFO 6wt rod. I think I could actually cast the line a bit better using the 6wt than using the 8wt. The 8wt just seemed a little too floppy.
Yesterday i was out on a river casting for salmon. I was using my 6wt with a floating line and 4'-5' T8 sink tip. It wasn't pretty but I got it to work. There was no way that I even got close to forming a nice loop with that setup! I think the sink tip is just too heavy for the rod but maybe I'll prove myself wrong some day. In any event, I could get some line out with it. Then later in the day I was on a different stream using my 4wt and a wf floating line. Wow, it was a while since I had cast a floating line and boy was it easy. Roll casts, shooting line, whatever. Here are a few photos from yesterday: DSCN0591 | Zooomr Photo Sharing
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