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Default Re: Czech Nymphing - Is It Fly Fishing?

Originally Posted by madjoni View Post
haha.... criticize my criticism of the criticizers....
I forget to said before because I am not advocate for czech style....i try that,it is deadly tehnique but i dont like it.....i dont like nymphing really much.....but hate when someone provoke debates about something that is really matter of personal taste and ways.
I agree!

These kind of stupid arguments remind of people who have the same basic religious beliefs arguing and separating from each other over minor disagreements. Then each saying the other isn't a true believer, because of their insignificant differences.

I could see if people were dragging trebble hooks accross the bottom. Where I live we used to have a bunch of small creeks that were great for bass and pan fish. Every year I would see people with trebble hooks during bass spawning season trying to snag fish.

Fortunately there used to be a DFG fish hatchery that raised bass close by and there was always a Warden in the office so I would immediately drive over and report it. Then drive back and point them out to the Warden.

These kinds of things and other similar are the things we should be concerned about.

These other things are rediculous, superfluous arguments and just an attempt to impose personal preferences and opinions on others!
-Tom Wilson
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