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I would echo frank's comments and add:
1/ rods 8-10, lines floating stiff core eg cortland tropic plus, RIO bonefish, airflo ridge tropic
2/ the wt depends on the to get the fly to the fish...if you can do it with 8 fine if not go to 10 wt ...the fish are not line shy in the wind...nor are they leader shy ...always use loop knot to fly...when in doubt take and use clousers
3/ leader and tippett bonefish IMHO the best is hard RIO both floro and mono...floro for deep flats
4/ best polars you got... copper my prefernce for contrast and brown best overall for flats...get some alcohol glass wipes in packets to clean glasses after you get them all fogged with salt spray sun block
5/ coverup...long sleves...long pants...and if you want to try use a "Buff" face/neck's not as hot as it seems and itworks the younger keys guides all use it
5/ Best line basket IMO ever used was the Fiskars collapsible leaf basket right size they make smaller one 10 gallon about 12-15 bucks...packs and works that is you can strip into...easy and recast
6/ Be are on island time...not like the keys where 7:30 on the dock means on the dock ready to go not just getting out of the car
7/ two in the boat means good friends who share and not good friends and one who does not share
8/ always strip strike and keep tip in the water pointed at the line
9/ drink rum it's cheap or kalik beer it's bahamian and cheap.. i
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