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Default Re: Mullet run=snook

Originally Posted by tbrillinger223 View Post
The mullet are starting their migration. we went out wednesday, had seen several snook on some of the favorite dock lights and found them gourged to compasity. did manage to boat a few shorts on a small mullet pattern. got several looks from some slot sized fish , but no joy. hopefully it was just the weather.
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Put down the fly rod and pick up a spinning reel with live bait. (Sorry! I'm not too proud! *LOL*)

It can be very frustrating when all they want is live bait and won't touch a fly. I encountered that in Louisiana on my redfishing trip.

Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*
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